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As a professional photographer for over a decade, Mark has made it his focus to capture nuanced images throughout his career. From some of his very first shoots, he has worked with well known brands while tailoring his finished projects with clients’ messaging. Starting out in behind the scenes, navigating through events, headshots and portraits, he has recently aimed his lens at the hospitality sector paralleling his experiences within that field. Flourishing from this alignment, he has since been hired to shoot with multiple Iron Chef, Michelin Star and James Beard Award winners, and has had his work featured on Forbes, advertisements, and social-media platforms. The span of his expertise has been made even more impressive by the fact that he has been self-taught. 


Although his start in New York City created an indelible network of friends, family, and followers of his work, he has recently relocated to Northern California to continue his pursuits. In co-creating a travel guide on restaurants, based off of hospitality professionals recommendations, he recognizes that his talents and skills help buoy the industry as a whole. When you align with Mark Jude, you’re ensuring that you’ll be taking the next steps together to reimagine what is to come in the future.

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