For the longest time, Mark felt at odds with his "competing" professions: Photography and Restaurants. He loved what he could capture and create when shooting headshots/portraits, street photography, events and behind-the-scenes imagery for shows; but he also had an immense passion for his side-hustle within the restaurant industry. He figured that he would just be wearing two different hats while keeping these passions separate; but, thankfully he's managed to merge both of his loves by showcasing cuisines and their creators within the hospitality sector. 

The magic started innocently enough: while working in restaurants, Mark would take a picture of a "special" that evening and post it. Soon the chef was not only asking to use the images Mark captured for their social media outlets, but hiring him to create content for their website, press releases and announcements [even featured  in the NY Times]. 

From there, it has snowballed into a passionate career. Mark has created images throughout all areas of the industry: for chefs, sommeliers, bartenders, managers, restaurant openings, new menus, a wine catalogue and of course, food! He's now co-creating a travel book on hospitality professional's recommendations slated for publication in 2020.

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